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Nicole Joseph


Nicole Joseph is a Writer and Theatre-Maker from and based in West Yorkshire. Her passion for theatre is rooted in her love for connecting and caring for communities.

Nicole has a holistic, spiritual, human-centred and community-care focussed practice. She writes women-led stories that connect and care for communities by exploring the interiority of under and mis-represented characters and places while playing with genre, where the ordinary meets the extraordinary thematically and atmospherically. As a Writer she has worked with and been trained by the Tamasha Theatre, Sheffield Theatres, Royal Exchange Theatre, Leeds Playhouse, Cast, Graeae and Box of Tricks. 

As a Theatre-Maker she has created stories with and for those who are under and mis-represented by working with companies who have specialised focus and interest in locality, black and brown and Deaf and disabled audiences and artists such as Eclipse Theatre, Leeds Playhouse and Ramps On the Moon and Freedom Studios. 

Nicole has worked directly with local communities allowing her a wide understanding of community care across varied demographics with specialists in the field, Bradford Producing HubCast, Slung Low and Leeds Playhouse and Freedom Studios’ Youth Theatre.  She loves building and nurturing her own communities as an artist, through co-creating and collaborating as well as supporting peers individually and in groups.  

She is seeking representation, available for writing commissions and projects as a Director-Dramaturg or Facilitator. Check out her previous Writing and Theatre-making projects and get in touch.


Nicole is an ETPEP Award Finalist, shortlisted by the Women’s Prize for Playwriting and Traverse Theatre and longlisted by BBC Writersroom Alfred Bradley Bursary Award (2021).


Nicole has made theatre with Freedom Studios, Cast, Slung Low and Leeds Playhouse and received training from RTYDS, Almeida Theatre and JMK Trust.